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Doctors Without Boundaries

Wed 11/9 9:30 pm
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Real-life ER doctors Andres Mallipudi & Aaron Bola welcome chronically over-sharing comedians to tell stories of their weirdest diagnoses. The doctors then break down the insane history of how the medical community has treated that condition, why that condition has been stigmatized, and the real facts you should know when dealing with the condition yourself. This show is a healthy hypochondriac’s dream complete with a “No Co-Pay” question box so that you can ask the doctors your own embarrassing medical questions. You’ll leave feeling better with the real facts about scary diagnoses, helpful tips on how to advocate for yourself at your next doctor’s appointment, and of course, having laughed in sickness’s face. Medical Disclaimer: The information in this show is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content presented in this show is for general information purposes only.