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Car World

Wed 11/8 10:00 pm
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Car World is an immersive faith-based gathering centered around the experiences of William Banks who lived on a planet in another universe for 10 years. Now he has returned home to Earth World with a mission to share his story and gather 12 Apostles who will devote their lives to him so that he may go back to Car World, stop the Gas Wars, and save the Attendants, who are the native species of Car World. Guests at these Gatherings often ask if Car World is a joke, and the answer is always no. Car World is real. To prove once and for all that William’s claims should be taken seriously, he is partnering with the New York Comedy Festival to present the first ever Car World comedy show to demonstrate the differences between reality and jokes. Featuring Chloe Troast, Rachel Coster, Eric Yates, Tej Khanna, Caroline Yost, & more!