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America’s Next Top Bottoms

Fri 11/10 7:30 pm
Club Cumming
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New York Comedy Festival Presents:

America’s Next Top Bottoms (with Jessie Ballard & Freddie Shanel)

Gay people were on the fringe of society until 2009 when Glee hit the airwaves. Now “Top” and “Bottom” have been co-opted to describe anything and everything under the sun. And baby, that’s where we come in! America’s Next Top Bottoms asks the question, “Who in the stand up/character world is a bottom? And also, which streaming service is?” Please join Freddie Shanel and Jessie Ballard as they put on a showcase of the best stand up, character, and musical comics to grace the glittering Club Cumming stage.


Mary Beth Barone
Sabrina Wu
Esther Fallick
Tessa Belle
Julia Zhen