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Triplet Auditions

Sun 11/13 7:00 pm
Brooklyn Comedy Collective
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Twin comedians Annabel and Sabina Meschke are on a never ending quest to find the perfect triplet, and ONLY a comedian will do. Enter Triplet Auditions, a monthly comedy show where two sisters from the very same mister host the best comedians this ol’ town has to offer! Triplet Auditions: because it would be messed up to call the show 2 Girls 1 Womb. ♥ Featuring: Jes Tom, Martin Urbano, Devon Walker, Sarah Squirm, A Crazy Amazing Friendship, Zach Teague and Drew Lausch

Annabel @armsandlegs
Sabina @sabinalily

Jes Tom @jesthekid
Zach Teague & Drew Lausch @zachanddrew
Martin Urbano @martinurbanojr
Devon Walker @internetdevon
A Crazy Amazing Friendship @acrazyamazingfriendship
Sarah Squirm @sarahsquirm