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The ASSHO Comedy Tour

Sat 11/4 4:30 pm
Chelsea Music Hall
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JACK ASSADOURIAN is a comedian of Armenian and Mexican descent who has gained popularity for his unique perspective and hilarious observations on life. He often incorporates his multicultural background into his stand-up routine, sharing stories and experiences that resonate with audiences from different backgrounds. With his energetic stage presence and witty sense of humor, Jack has become a well-known name in the world of comedy and has been seen on Netflix is a Joke, Amazon Prime’s Laugh after Dark, and has been heard on His podcast comedy club confessions

STEVEN HO is a retired ER tech who has found a new career path as a comedian. Originally from California, Ho spent over a decade working in emergency medicine, using his quick thinking and problem-solving skills to save lives and help those in need. However, Ho also had a passion for comedy and entertaining, and he began performing stand-up comedy in his free time. Over time, Ho’s comedy career began to take off, and he found himself booking more and more shows. Eventually, he made the difficult decision to retire from his work in the medical field and focus on his comedy full-time. He has since performed at comedy clubs and festivals all over the country.