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Sami Schwaeber Presents: The Real Teacher’s Union

Thu 11/9 9:30 pm
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Presented by The New York Comedy Festival!

1, 2, 3 eyes on me! I’ll wait! This is a comedy show first, and a professional development second for all teachers in the Teachers Union led by comedian Sami Schwaeber. We will discuss a rose, a thorn, and a bud. We will listen to that coworker who presses “reply all” to emails and shares personal information about their anger issues in an all staff PD. We will be forced to participate whether our hand was raised or not. But we do it for the pedagogy. At this comedy show we will discuss our resilience, and our flexibility because WE are the teachers of New York!

Featuring a lineup of former (and current!) teachers including:

Brittany Carney (Comedy Central)

Hoodo Hersi (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

Raanan Hershberg (The Tonight Show)

Produced by Adam Gold