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Margaret Cho: Live and LIVID!

Wed Nov 8
Town Hall
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Live and Livid is a show celebrating my 40 years as a stand up comedian. I will be radiating rage about homophobia, sexism, racism and the fight to stay alive in a culture that is killing us daily. You will love seeing me Live and Livid! This is living! Come through life!”

“I’ve cycled through many names to get to Live and Livid. Absolutely Angry, Bitch and Bitchy, Count on this C***,  but Live and Livid seems to have a ring to it.”

Comedian. Actor. Musician. Advocate. Entrepreneur. Five-time Grammy and Emmy nominee. When hasn’t Margaret Cho’s strong voice been part of our consciousness? It feels like she has always been here, like a friend you can always count on, lighting the path for other women, other members of underrepresented groups, other performers, to follow.

Margaret staunchly supports the causes that are important to her: anti-racism, anti-bullying, gay rights, all while fulfilling her successful creative side with a legendary stand up career that has yielded 10-plus comedy tours. Her recent television appearances – guest star on Season 2 of The Flight Attendant (HBO Max), guest star on Season 2 of Hacks (HBO Max) and two Netflix is a Joke comedy specials: Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration and Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin: Ladies Night Live – have expanded an already wide-ranging career, and her role as the ‘mother hen’ in the well-reviewed movie Fire Island solidifies why we all love Margaret in the first place. 

Margaret, who Vogue magazine named one of the 9 best female comedians of all time alongside Joan Rivers, Gilda Radner and Wanda Sykes, appreciates where she finds herself right now. “I think comedians in general, we get better as we get older, and we kind of get more observant, and more astute in those observations.” 

Thankfully, Margaret has more stories to tell, and her production company, Animal Family Productions, has multiple scripted shows in development for 2022 and beyond.