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Havana Club y Bacardí

Sat 11/12 8:30 pm
Brooklyn Comedy Collective
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¡Oye cabrón! Havana Club y Bacardí is a two-person improv duo composed of longtime Florida-born buds Julian Hernandez (Cubano) y Taylor Gonzalez (Boriqueño y Salvadoreño), each with over a decade of improv chops. Our typical hour-long show incorporates two acts. The first is a fast-paced set that showcases other Latine improv friends as our special guests and the second is a twisted monoscene created by the two hosts. A Havana Club show always promises tons of loud Salsa music, yelling over each other, and deeply personal Latine energy. ¡Wepa!

Julian Hernandez (IG @joobliander)
Taylor Gonzalez (IG @flexxmag)