Celebrating 15 years of laughter

Justin Willman

Wed 11/7 - 9:30 PM
TeamCocoHouse at Sony Hall
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Magician/Comedian Justin Willman has cemented himself as one of today’s most prolific entertainers. This summer, Willman premiered his six-episode magic series on Netflix entitled Magic For Humans with Justin Willman. In the series, Willman brings his skills as a magician to the strange and misunderstood subcultures of America.

Upon premiering, the show instantly became one of the most streamed shows on Netflix with clips from the show garnering over 300 million views to date across social media, even sparking a viral meme. Indiewire called Willman the “perfect magician/hybrid prototype with incredible comedic timing.”

Willman also recently announced his new residency aptly called “The Magic Show” at the historic and swanky Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. The Magic Show is an intimate performance in a hidden, unmarked theater inside the hotel and upon announcing the show, all shows sold out almost immediately.