Celebrating 15 years of laughter

The GodDamn Comedy Jam ft. Bill Burr, Nikki Glaser, Josh Adam Meyers, Sal Vulcano, Big Jay Oakerson, and Luis J. Gomez

Tue 11/6 - 9:00 PM

Lineup: Bill Burr, Nikki Glaser, Josh Adam Meyers, Sal Vulcano, Big Jay Oakerson, and Luis J. Gomez

The Goddamn Comedy Jam (#GDCJ)
Every comedian wants to be a rock star.
Comedians do a stand up set and then perform their favorite cover song with a live band. This show rocks so hard broke the stage – twice.
Stand up comedian, Josh Adam Meyers and his band, Elemenopy, host the premiere underground comedy event: The Goddamn Comedy Jam (#GDCJ). Every month, killer lineup of comedic entertainers come together to rock the stage and the mic in the only show that proves: every comedian wants to be a rock star.
The Goddamn Comedy Jam is the intersection of comedy stardom and rock & roll dreams. Comedians perform a stand up set and short story followed by a song of their choosing, accompanied by a live band. It is an unprecedented opportunity to shine as both a comedic star and rock God in the electrified atmosphere that can only be found at The Goddamn Comedy Jam.
The best stand up comedy and storytelling draws on a comedian’s ability to be vulnerable. The GDCJ embraces that vulnerability and takes it to the next level by giving comedians a platform to bask in the glory of laughter and then morph into a rock star. It’s a thrilling experience for viewers who get to watch their favorite comedians express their personal artistry in a way that has never been seen before.
“Comedians tend to find a comfort zone and stay there and do lamer versions of themselves for the rest of their lives.” – Chris Rock
What happens when you ask well established comics to take an audience on a journey using a creative medium unfamiliar to them?
Goddamn magic. That’s what.
Host: Josh Adam Meyers – Josh is a stand up comedian, host, singer, somewhat reformed bad-boy and creator of The GDCJ. The deep, raspy voice that once had Josh scouted to work as a strip club DJ is also the undeniable stuff of rock stars. From an early age, Josh taught himself to play over a dozen instruments and he serves as the lead singer of GDCJ house band, Elemenopy. A notable stand up comedian himself, Josh helps coach performers through the process of song selection, channeling nerves and musical performance. There is no mistaking Josh’s unique voice in comedy or music. He is a raw, balls to the wall, crowd-surfing, uncensored rocker. And he doesn’t sound a day over 80.
Band: Elemenopy (Joel Rutkowski, Nick Liberatore) – This incredibly talented duo brings a rock and roll sensibility to any performer’s song
selection. From Whitney Houston to Metallica, the boys of Elemenopy can play it all and support the unique sensibility of the comedic performer. This isn’t live band karaoke. Elemenopy ALWAYS makes it rock. Special guest musicians are brought in to support the band, including the addition of a keyboardist, brass player and even the flying-v electric violin.
Performers: If you think stand up comedy is vulnerable, imagine seeing your favorite comedian take a huge step outside their comfort zone and onto the GDCJ stage. Today’s top stand up comics and comedic actors are invited to test the theory that every comedian wants to be a rock star.
Hype-Man: Razorblade (Johnny Skourtis) – Razorblade is the denim-clad, cowboy hat wearing, larger than life GDCJ hype man. He’s a spirited rock and roll sheriff. Big in stature and energy, Razorblade is Josh’s recognizable and lovable partner in crime. He’s the enforcer of fun. When Razorblade commands it, the audience is on their feet and clapping.