CULTCH WAR: An “I Don’t Think So, Honey!” Deathmatch


Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang proudly and loudly present CULTCH WAR: An "I Don't Think So, Honey!" Deathmatch. 20 of New York's most exciting comedians have been summoned to the VILLAIN stage by Bowen and Matt to present their very best "I Don't Think So, Honeys!", a minute-long rant on anything in pop culture or life that's been driving them insane and must be stopped. But this must-see live show is not all fun and games and "community." No, bitch... there is a twist: the comedians will be split into teams captained by Bowen and Matt and compete in a judged tournament to see who among them is the ULTIMATE in cultural destruction. 20 comedians... but who will win... the CULTCH WAR.