Church Night

Cobra Club

Church Night is an internationally acclaimed, multi-platform comedy act based in Washington, DC. Reminiscent of A Prairie Home Companion on acid, Church Night is eccentric, religious parody that updates Dana Carvey’s famed ‘Church Lady’ Saturday Night Live sketch for the Tim & Eric generation. Regularly selling out the famous DC rock club, Black Cat, the live show is something of a cult classic around town. Over the past year, Church Night expanded to NYC, capturing the hearts and minds of the tattooed and bearded constituents of East Williamsburg aka Bushwick.

Due to the popularity of these regular shows, Church Night has been invited to perform in Los Angeles at the Nerdist Showroom, in Scotland at the world renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and at Tig Notaro’s famous comedy festival, The Bentzen Ball. Church Night is thrilled to perform for the first time at the NYCF and to partner with comedians Brooke Arnold and Sara Armour who will be fresh off an investigation into the sinister church that stole Brooke's childhood.

They will be creating a special edition of Church Night that will incorporate their investigation, their standup, and material from Brooke's award-winning solo show Growing Up Fundie which was voted Best of Fringe in the 2016 New York Fringe Festival.

with music from the Trump Beatles